Our business model is nimble and virtual, enabling us to have customers anywhere in the world.
Our Seattle-based engineers are highly qualified to get the job done right.


  • HW/SW co-design for micro-controller based systems.
  • Process and products built from the ground up in standards-driven environments.
  • Diverse language experience: C, C++, C#, Assembly
  • Platforms:  Windows, iOS, Android, Linux
  • Work within customers' quality systems or build systems as required.
  • Able to work in any and all phases from concept to production to maintenance.


  • Bluetooth Low Energy, beacons and fully connected
  • Wired and Wireless Protocol Stacks - USB, Ethernet, CAN, Bluetooth LE, ZigBee, and proprietary
  • SPI, 12C, USB, UART
  • PC applications, C#
  • iOS and Android mobile apps


  • Consumer, Industrial, Medical